AFTER pursuing the policies of division down the years, through various Conservative prime ministers – i.e. Thatcher, Major, Cameron and now Mrs May and others even further back – Mrs May now wants us all to rally around, pull together for the sake of our country and her disjointed agreement with the EU over Brexit.

Sadly this country is a two-tier stat, there can be no doubt about that, so why would the millions marginalised by Tory policies down the years now come to her rescue, to keep her in power?

If that were to happen now, how long would it be after the dust had settled, before she picked up the usual Tory mantra of soaking the rich and slaughtering the poor.

For my 72 years, I’ve lived under about 25 years of Labour governments, the remaining 47 years under Conservative rule and just look at the state of us.

We have food banks helping to feed the hungry, armies of street sleepers, poverty abounds, poor and unfit housing, a health service in crisis, schools in chaos, and all denied by its very architects. They can’t see, or don’t want to see, what they have led us to, but try and find one of them to admit any of this, no it’s far easier and more convenient to blame others and usually the Labour party.

Now Mrs May wants us to support her. I voted for Brexit and that’s what I want, but not this hotchpotch of despair and disaster she has agreed with the EU. If she has her way soon they will become our masters, if we don’t stop her.

Mrs May and previously Mrs Thatcher were both fond on quoting the words of St Francis of Assisi. It’s such a pity they didn’t ever practise what he preached.

PJ LITTLEFIELD, Victoria Avenue, Winton