PLEASE may I put in a heartfelt plug for Pokesdown – an original ancient village established here centuries ago, long before the birth of Bournemouth.

Recently, Pokesdown Pam ( Pamela Ruthvan), as she is well known, was presented with the British Empire Medal by the Lord Lieutenant of Dorset, on behalf of the Queen, in the Mayor’s Parlour at the Town Hall. A small, delightful gathering and for her, so well deserved.

Her many years of service to Pokesdown started years ago, by her literally getting down on her hands and knees on Pokesdown Green and Rosebery Road Corner by planting, weeding and designing it into to the green, healthy transformation you see today. She has campaigned for empty shops left abandoned and opposed certain planning proposals, and was also in at the start of the Boscombe and Pokesdown Neighbourhood Plan, which is heading towards finalisation.

Pokesdown is not wealthy, not blessed with large national big shops, certainly still not without its diverse problems, but we believe it is on the long hard haul upwards. Shops are being taken, lifts ar to be reinstated at the railway station to mention just a couple of issues. It has been, and continues to be, a team effort of the Community Forum, our ward councillors, residents and traders, also Dorset Police and local organisations.

So, be proud to be Pokesdown. Please support its revival back to a strong, settled family-based community with a thriving quirky high street once again, in any way you can.

LYNNE MCCARTY, Warwick Road, Pokesdown