DORSET-based Margaret Green Animal Rescue is hoping to find forever homes for six animals in its care this week.

Aquila, an eight-year-old cat, can be wary of people he doesn’t know at first. He should be fine to live with a dog but would prefer not to live with another cat. Aquila could live with older children but would need to meet them first.

Panther is a five-year-old cat who loves to purr. Friendly and affectionate, Panther might be able to live with another pet and should be fine to live with children.

Eight-year-old cat, Andy, would need to be the only pet but might be able to live with older children. He is looking for a forever home as his previous owner passed away.

Six-year-old Buddy is a Chihuahua cross Jack Russell Terrier. He loves nothing more than cuddles. Buddy could probably live with a like-minded calmer dog, possibly cats and older children.

Lionel is a 13-year-old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier who really enjoys life. He would be happy living with older children, female dogs and could possibly a cat.

Finally, there’s Rojo, a four-year-old male Greyhound. He enjoys running around and lazing on a duvet. He would be able to live with larger sized like-minded dogs and teenagers but not cats.

To rehome any of the cats call 01929 480474 and for the dogs call 01929 471340.