WHAT kind of Brexit does Theresa May think she is concocting?

She is trotting round the country trying to convince people to support her 'foul-up'. Why?

Not one of these people she is talking to has any say in whether this fiasco gets through Parliament.

The muck-up Mrs May has got herself into with these 'negotiations' could leave us in a situation where we need EU permission to finally achieve Brexit 'freedom' from the EU.

The Theresa May pseudo-Brexit is not what this country expected as an outcome of the referendum. This will not do.

Better we have a no deal exit than this fiasco that ties us into things no-one wanted and which really does mess up the place of Northern Ireland within the UK.

It doesn't require reams of paper covered in rules and regulations just to enable trade to take place between countries.

Rules, rules and more rules is the EU way and that is exactly one of the main reasons we actually voted to be free from this bureaucratic monstrosity.

I think it is time for Theresa May to hand over the leadership to someone (not a closet Remainer) and let that person finish the job properly.


Higher Blandford Road, Broadstone, Poole