WE are being told to fit a smart meter by several agencies in the media, with many benefits, so it is claimed. The first one is, you do not have to submit a meter reading. Great news you say, but what happens when you decide to change supplier, for a better price?

So I asked the question of my potential new supplier, mentioning I had a smart meter installed a couple of years ago.

"Sorry sir your smart meter will not work properly if at all when you swap to us.”

Pardon? What is going to happen then?

"You will have to read the meters and submit the readings to us/"

How long for, I asked?

"Until we come and fit a new pair of smart meters".

I said, "Are you joking? This is latest technology?"

The reply was, "Our systems are not compatible with your supplier’s units.”

Have they gone raving mad? We the consumer are no doubt paying for this stupidity. Which moron in Whitehall instigated the crazy arrangement? Why is there no universal standard for smart meters? Did they not consider you may want to change supplier? Shares in the companies making the new not-so-smart meters could be a wise investment.

MIKE ASTON, Beatty Road, Bournemouth