WHAT a sorry state of affairs we are now in with the Twin Sails bridge, with its sails now placed in the upright position due to a serious fault, which it seems will put the bridge out of action for some time.

Sadly, many people have now been proved correct insofar as the lifting bridge should never have been built and certainly not one of this design.

A brief history of the situation was that this bridge was built as the only option with the money available, including the desire to have something iconic in design.

Tony Blair’s government would only provide a certain sum of money towards the project and with this in mind, the decision was taken to go ahead.

Many people would have preferred the situation to be deferred until extra money was available for a much more reliable option.

However, councils being what they are, the decision was taken to go ahead and at the same time to achieve something iconic for the town of Poole.

Right from the start this design of bridge was always suspect and has been proved to be so, with frequent breakdowns and now with a more serious fault which could mean the bridge is out of use for some considerable time.

A simple swing bridge such as the one in Cherbourg would have been a cheaper and more reliable option but would not have achieved the iconic status which Poole council wanted.

What is now to be done? Hopefully the council will be honest with the public and state exactly what is now wrong with the bridge and how long it will take to repair.

Long-term with the building now taking place in Hamworthy and increasing the traffic flow, one can ask should this project be abandoned, and a more reliable solution found.

COLIN MOYES, Harkwood Drive, Hamworthy