SOUTH Western Railway’s service, or lack of it, has really hit home over the last few weeks.

I recently relocated from London to New Milton and now work in Bournemouth. I had travelled to/from London on a weekend basis when there were engineering works, so expected delays at those times. Now, however, I face the daily trauma of travelling with this shambolic company.

Forget Monday, November 19, when around 260 trains were cancelled/delayed due to overrunning engineering works, and travellers were advised ˜not to travel” (two plus hours to get into work, with useless information). As it is, my usual train, the 0753, is always at least 2-3 minutes late, and no explanation.

On Monday, November 19, trying to get home, my train, the 1722 was noted at various times in the afternoon as being on time, delayed until 1828, and finally cancelled. I then had to leave work early and managed to get one of the few trains running that evening – and that was delayed.

South Western Railway charge a fortune for a very inadequate service and offer derisory compensation. I prefer to use public transport for environmental reasons but, over the last few weeks, South Western Railway have turned me into a petrol-head wannabee!

SUE HUDSON, Wentwood Gardens, New Milton