IT could appear that planners at Bournemouth are remiss in not visiting the well-publicised site for a proposed new mental health facility at 49 Alumhurst Rd sooner. Or maybe they are simply bowing to Nimbyism with local residents objecting to a new building for young patients.

But, on further consideration, isn't the Dorset Healthcare University Foundation Trust being disingenuous to state that " there is no other option, the money will be lost if the build does not go ahead"?

Have they considered adapting one of the units they own where beds have been closed? How about Kings Park or St Leonard's?

Is all the space at Alderney or St Ann's or Shelley Road used to capacity?

Sixteen beds have just closed at Wareham Hospital with a new "hub" promised on the old middle school field. There is permission for housing to be included on this site, surely an asset for staff recruitment.

Even the now closed hospital at Portland would provide a better option for children who would otherwise be sent hundreds of miles from their homes and families for treatment. A system that must put pressure on other health trusts.

Maybe there are better options for Pebble Lodge at Alumhurst Road, such as preserve it as it is as building of interest with heritage trees, or sell it as a valuable asset for the benefit of the NHS.

JANICE SUGRUE, Locarno Road, Swanage