With the ever increasing demand on our already depleted and stretched police force, I am astounded that they are now going to spend a week going "undercover" to pose as cyclists to catch drivers who drive too close to them.

You only have to read the Echo any night of the week and it is full of far more important issues to tackle such as robbery, assaults, and arson to name but a few.

If you read the "In The Dock" section of the paper and look at how many people convicted of assault, driving whilst disqualified , driving under the influence of alcohol are being dealt with by the courts, it really beggars belief that they have nothing better to do with their time.

Many of the people featured are repeat offenders and as such they would be very easy to target should the police wish to hone their undercover surveillance skills.

If they really do have concerns about the safety of cyclists and are not just interested in the £100 fines they could raise.

How about tackling the cyclists that drive aggressively,weaving in and out of the traffic, those that think that traffic lights don't apply to them, those who cycle without lights and the Sunday morning cycle clubs that insist on cycling three abreast.

With decisions such as this, it is yet another example of why this country is in the sorry state it is.

S Selby

Corfe View Road

Corfe Mullen