WHAT an upside down council we have in Bournemouth. Firstly it is announced that there is not enough money to repair the 'vehicular lift, then you state £150million is to be spent building flats where the Winter Gardens were. followed by paying someone to design a new logo for the new council.

When I was in business our shareholders would have crucified the board of directors announcing this type of project. The difference between shareholders and council officers is that we were spending their money and they had control over it, but the council officers are spending our money (council tax), over which it appears we have no control, even though we should.

Cllr Rose appears to be the only person keen to hold the council officers to account. It appears to me the officers are not able to prioritise their spending. The spending on the new Bournemouth logo this project could have been put forward to local schools/universities to create interest in their communities and not cost £4,000.

Council officers and councillors should start thinking how they spend our money.

DAVID FREEMONT, Richmond Park Road, Bournemouth