ALTHOUGH The Supervet is renowned for working miracles with animals, he appears to have similar powers with humans beings too if last night's show is anything to go by!

The atmosphere in the Windsor Hall was almost evangelical. (Fitzpatrick would have made an impressive preacher).

He is certainly adept at tugging at people's heart strings.

But the fact he is such a natural on stage shouldn't be a surprise as he has a background in acting (yes really - he's appeared in programmes like Casualty).

The first half of the show (it's Noel and three big TV screens) is about Noel's personal journey from an Irish farm, starting from the moment he first realised at the age of ten that he wanted to be a vet.

He recalls the time when, despite his best efforts, a newborn lamb died after he rescued its mother from a drain.

To cope with the frustration of not being able to fix the animal, he invented a superhero character in his head - Vetman who would solve all the problems of the animal world with bionic dust.

However he isn't afraid to show death and his failures too.

In the second half of the show we are invited into his bionic bunker - where he reveals many of the secrets behind the inventions that have riveted millions of his TV viewers.

Throughout his journey he often refers to advice given by one of his mentors: "Everything is impossible until it happens." A motto he has lived his life by.

Although it was overly sentimental for some, the majority of the audience loved his message of love and hope and many were on their feet cheering at the end. Noel's story is far from over though. The celebrity vet has big plans for 2019 as he calls for more synergy between human and animal medicine.