HAVING just returned from the turning on of the Bournemouth Christmas lights, l am moved to write and say “Thank you and well done Indeed” to the BID and council officers, together with the Lower Gardens Trustees, who must have worked so hard for months to make the event so memorable and a tremendous success.

The ‘magic' of Christmas for Bournemouth was certainly evident by the very large crowds of people which attended and the smiles on people’s faces said it all.....young, old, and especially the children.

I have never seen such a spectacular display before, which included fireworks, the lighting of so many Christmas trees and themed displays and uplighting of the Lower Gardens.

Words are insufficient to express the magnificence of Bournemouth this Christmas. Amidst all the issues of concern on the political front of Brexit and other fragile circumstances in the world, it gives everyone a Christmas message of joy, peace, lifted spirits of kindness and goodwill to one another.

What a tonic the magic of Bournemouth's 2018 Christmas trees and lights have generated which will be an awesome and spectacular place to visit and bring pleasure to residents and visitors alike. This year's display will go down in history l believe as Bournemouth's best Christmas ever.

CHRIS COLLEDGE, Durley Gardens, Bournemouth