TONIGHT'S show started as the lights dimmed then rose again to reveal a crowd of dancers hanging around the stage reminiscent of a scene from West Side Story. Christine enters stage left and proceeds to chase them away before launching into the first number. The theatrical start to the Christine and the Queens gig set the theme for the rest of the night's entertainment

The stage set up, backdrops and light show were very basic with a stripped back production that had the feel of a college show, until the music, dancing and singing starts then the professionalism and years of experience shines through providing a brilliant contrast with the simplicity of everything else.

Rarely have I seen a crowd at the BIC so enraptured by a performance from an artist who is determined to march to the beat of her own drum. The audience were hanging on every word and entranced by every move on the stage. A twenty second snowfall and some simply but incredibly effective bursts of smoke transformed an empty stage to a completely different scene utilised perfectly by Christine and the dancers.

I was not fully aware of Christine and the Queens before I arrived at the BIC. But having seen this gig I would have to say that there are not many artists around today who can carry a show the way Christine and the Queens can. I am so glad to have been here tonight as this may have been my favourite gig of the year and maybe one that will be in my top ten from all of the years I have been doing this job. And that’s quite a few. Pure brilliance!