THE crime in Christchurch has risen by 8 percent, as reported by the Daily Echo (13 November). Among the biggest risers, sexual offences have increased a whopping 48.1 percent and criminal damage increasing 14.3 percent.

Yet the Conservative-run council are burying their heads in the ground over the increase of crime in Christchurch, with councillor Lesley Dedman tweeting '@cb_edd_councils watching Scrutiny Committee with police officer discussing crime in Christchurch, how little there is, and how safe we are'.

Philip Hammond's budget lacked any investment into local police forces. Government cuts mean they have seen ££20 million lost from Dorset police, resulting in the loss of 400 officers and staff across the region.

The council seem to be living in their own alternate reality and they are proving themselves to be increasingly out of touch with local needs, and have no plan to address these issues. Local MP, Chris Chope, has no desire to see the end of austerity, leaving Dorset police facing continued financial problems.

How are our communities meant to feel safe if those elected to ensure public safety, have no desire to do anything about the issues?


Mudeford, Christchurch