IT'S fair to say most of the audience at the BIC on Friday night were of a certain age and were Floyd fans from the first time around.

This was an audience that were here to really listen to every note from every single instrument and compare it to the original offering from all those years ago.

The band must know that Floyd fans are an obsessive lot but they didn’t seem phased by the scrutiny and delivered an excellent evening of entertainment.

This six-piece is probably the closest most people will ever get to seeing the band together again and put on a show reminiscent of the gigs the audience probably remember going to when they were mere teenagers.

Pink Floyd songs are legendary with a worldwide audience still eager to hear them played live evidenced by a near sell out crowd at the BIC.

The evening started with Obscured by Clouds, which was appropriately played with the band behind a huge white sheet, which was then dropped for In the Flesh and all nine parts of Shine On You Crazy Diamond.

The first half of the two part show also included Brick in the Wall, The great Gig in the Sky and See Emily Play all delivered with the ease of a band who have been doing this for a long time now and have perfected their craft. The two set lists were quite short but when songs last for ten minutes or so its more about the quality rather than quantity.

The second half continued in the same vein with Pigs, Fat Old Sun and Sorrow putting in an appearance before Wish You Were Here had the crowd on their feet and singing along.

The production that the band takes on the road with them is just as much a part of the evening as the music. The circular projection screen in the middle of the stage may be the focal point but the overall light and laser show puts most other bands to shame. Put that together with an inflatable teacher, pig and kangaroo and you have a real visual treat.

Predictably the biggest cheers of the night were for Shine On, Comfortably Numb, Brick In The Wall and Wish You Were Here but every song went down a storm leaving the crowd happy and on their way home to dig out their vinyl from the attic to listen all over again.