SO, after 45 weeks, the Bournemouth council scheme for a huge junction over the Spur Road, destroying the green belt and conservation area, putting hundreds more cars on Castle Lane East and West, causing construction mayhem on the A338 for years to come and which even their own planning officer could not accept, has been dropped.

However, a new application with some minor amendments, which they admit “do not materially change the scheme” and in no way answer the concerns of local people, has been submitted.

Why? None of the comments received on the previous application will be accepted for this new one. This way, when fewer of the battle-weary residents who may not even be aware this is happening respond, the council will be able to claim they have answered the concerns of all the hundreds of people who previously wrote in and thousands who signed the petitions.

This is totally unacceptable from a local council supposed to represent our interests.

Write in/email again – application number is 7-2018-9177-DL


Elm Cottages, Holdenhurst Village