EVERY time I open a paper, there is somebody complaining about cyclists.

Yes, there are bad cyclists like there are bad motorists and bad motorcyclists and bad pedestrians walking dogs without a leash.

Those with a leash are equally as bad as soon as they see a cyclist coming they seem not to want to reign in their extendable microscopic leads that I have had to steer to avoid at the last minute.

So why pick on cyclists all the time? Why not an article about the drivers who are hell-bent on running cyclists off the road? Bear in mind most of those bad cyclists can barely afford a bike let alone buy lights.

I see many cyclists who anger me because they do bad things that give all cyclists a bad name. Half the cyclists are afraid to ride on the road because of the attitude of motorists.

Please give us a break and pick on somebody else.


Bradstock Close, Poole.