HAVING read in the Daily Echo (7 November) that Mark Howell, Poole People Party, is trying to stir Poole councillors at last into action to support the people of Poole regarding the closure of the A&E and Maternity Unit at Poole Hospital, I read with growing dismay the Chief Executive of Poole Hospital Debbie Fleming’s letter titled ‘No reason to fear changes’. How wrong can she be! The ambiguity of her reasoning leaves me more concerned than ever.

She states: “Under the new plans everyone in Dorset will be able to access care in a timely way.” What does she mean by “timely way”? An ambulance may be able to weave its way through congested traffic, but this is no consolation for those of us who make our own way to A&E. We will be faced with a journey in excess of an extra 40 minutes at best. This will only add to our ‘waiting time’.

In the paragraph starting On the Poole Hospital Site, she refers to “53,000 people expected to attend the new urgent treatment centre”. Is this to be based at Poole Hospital as her statement implies?

It is time that we in Poole, Hamworthy and beyond are told clearly exactly what emergency provision will exist in Poole.


Branksea Avenue, Hamworthy, Poole