IT’S the new attraction that’s turning heads in Bournemouth.

A two-storey upside down house that sits on its roof opened its doors in the Triangle on Saturday.

The eye-catching pink and black structure has been nine months in the making for events company Upside Down House UK and it is the first time the house has been seen in Britain.

All the rooms have real-life furniture and fittings, which are safely secured to the ceilings, and it even features a pair of slippers have been stuck upside down.

Inside there are two bedrooms, a lounge, kitchen, a bathroom and office. Among the ceiling-top furniture is a cot, a toilet, a desk and a bed.

The idea of house is that visitors take normal photos of each other inside and later flip the pictures 180 degrees to make it look like they too are upside down. It will remain in situ until next June.

Upside Down House UK have taken inspiration from a similar attraction in permanent residence in Lithuania.

Tom Dirse, CEO of Upside Down House UK, said: "I was approached by the man who is now my business partner about bringing an upside down house to Britain.

"He was behind the attraction in Lithuania and after around nine months of work we've managed to get this one open in Bournemouth.

"It took around 11 days to construct and early reaction has been incredibly positive.

"It's something very different and people seem really excited by it.

"It's made of timber and fits together almost like a big Lego project.

He added: "You can tell it's new and so far we're delighted with how people are reacting."

Inside the rooms are all plain wood, but Mr Dirse said an in-house designer will be working continuously to keep the look fresh.

Mr Dirse added: "After our initial seven months it's very much open what we do but we'd love to find a more permanent home here."

The attraction is open between 10am and 7pm Monday to Friday and from 10am until 9pm on weekends. Entry costs £4 on weekdays and £5 on Saturday and Sunday.