WHILE many people would have been tempted to get home from work, turn the heating on and batten down the hatches on Friday night; the wet and miserable journey to the 02 was worth every second.

Alice Chater started off the evening with a short but well received set of five songs that contained some excellent vocals and much promise for the future.

Jessie J took to a darkened stage and opened the set with Oh Lord before the lights came on to reveal a leather and sequin covered figure that continued straight into another five songs without a break in the beat. Dopamine, Do It Like A Dude and Nobody’s Perfect gave way to a spoken plea for everyone in the house to put their phones away, sing along (but only if you know the words) and to just enjoy themselves.

A quick Easy On Me led to the first of three costume changes and a return dressed head to toe in brilliant white to deliver excellent versions of Real Deal and Not My Ex.

Jessie was in a chatty mood and engaged with the crowd more than any other artist I have seen. The chat covered her history and musical journey leading to a powerful Who You Are to close the second quarter of a two hour set.

Another change and three more songs interspersed with more chat and a chorus of Happy Birthday to a 10-year-old lad on the balcony.

Four girls were also lucky enough to be bought to the front to have their picture taken with Jessie in the pit having travelled from Brazil.

Two more segments and costume changes delivered Play, Masterpiece, Bang Bang and I Believe In Love before show closers Price Tag and Domino.

The crowd were lit throughout the show with sizeable portions of spoken word intros to the four segments with much interaction and discussions with the crowd. A format that was carried off well by an artist who obviously cares about her fans and put a lot of effort in to a show that delivered yet another great night entertainment at the O2.