RESCUE pets in Dorset are in need of forever homes.

Margaret Green Animal Rescue is hoping to re-home a number of cats and dogs this week including three-year-old greyhound Destiny. The loving, cuddly pup would be happy to live with a fellow sight hound or larger breeds.

Blaze, another three-year-old greyhound, is affectionate but he would prefer not to live with cats.

And Whiskey, a two-year-old greyhound, loves attention and going on walks.

Three cats in need of homes are Mia, Franz and Parker.

Mia, seven, is completely blind but it does not hinder her. She would need a quiet home as the only pet. She would love to potter around a secure garden.

Franz is 10 years old and sweet but shy while he settles in at the rescue centre. He should be fine to live with older children but would prefer to be the only pet.

Parker, seven, is affectionate - on his terms! However, he does love to be around people. He would need to be the only pet in an adult home.

For further details about any of the pets visit Call 01929 471340 for dogs or 01929 480474 for cats.