PLANS to stop vandals daubing graffiti on the walls of a Boscombe property have suffered a setback after the council refused permission to install a door to the address.

As reported in the Daily Echo, interior walls in the block, which is managed by the DWP Housing Partnership - formerly Dave Wells Properties - have been tagged with crude language and slogans.

The stairwell of the property in Boscombe Grove Road leads to two flats. There is no door at the foot of the stairs, meaning people can enter whenever they want without a key, residents say.

Recently, the area has been beset with problems, and residents have reported anti-social behaviour and vandalism.

Representatives from DWP Housing have worked with the fire service to design a metal door that opens in a concertina fashion, meaning the door will not intrude onto the pavement outside.

However, Bournemouth council has refused permission for the door, meaning company bosses need to go back to the drawing board to design an alternative.

Steve Wells from DWP Housing Partnership said: “We thought we had found a solution to the issue of there being no door in the stairwell by designing a concertina-style metal gate.

“While the Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service were happy with the design, it was not accepted by the local authority.

“We have therefore asked the council and planners to advise us on what we can install there.

“We are extremely keen to find a permanent solution.”

There has never been a door to the property due to “fire safety reasons”, Mr Wells said.

The rejected design would have made it possible for tenants to open the door instantly from the inside to allow a quick exit, but wouldn’t have been possible to open from the outside without a key.

It was hailed as a “bespoke solution” and Mr Wells told the Echo in September that it would be installed as quickly as possible.

Until a proper solution is found, representatives from DWP Housing are working with police to tackle vandalism and the graffiti will be painted over.

“We will paint the stairwell at the property and will continue to work with the police and council about anti-social behaviour in the area,” said Mr Wells.