Years behind the lens: 50. I started shooting B&W when developing a film and producing a photograph would take several hours. Finally getting it into the light to see it was not quite sharp enough is so different to today’s digital world.

Current Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mk IV

Dream camera: I have it but would love a Canon EF 200-400mm lens.

Piece of equipment you couldn’t be without: My tripod.

Favourite Dorset location: The beaches, they’re different every time.

Dream location: Japan, I’ve always wanted to photograph the abundance of Cherry Blossom in Spring. Long exposures of the cityscape at night also appeals.

Worst photographic mishap: Leaving the image stabilisation on when using a tripod.

Best photographic success: Appearing on TV. I was on BBC South Today in January 2016. Each year they feature one of the photographers who send in weather pictures. I was filmed at Knowlton Church ruins, two hours filming for twenty seconds on TV. It was great fun though.

Top tip: Always keep looking around you, the clouds behind might be better than the sunset in front.

What you’ve gained/learnt from or liked about Echo Camera Club Dorset: I like that a local newspaper has wholeheartedly embraced the latest technology and popularity of photography placing it streets ahead of the national papers.

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