MORE than 500 motorists were fined for speeding in the roadworks area of the A338 in just two days.

Dorset Police’s safety camera vans were stationed on the Spur Road during off-peak hours on Monday, October 29, and Tuesday 30.

According to the force, workmen on the A338 asked officers to monitor speeds in the temporary 40mph zone “because of the poor driving witnessed in that area”.

The speed limit was reduced from 50mph in the roadworks area in September to protect workers while they widen the Spur Road at Blackwater junction.

Last Monday, over a three-and-a-half hour period police caught 190 vehicles speeding. The fastest vehicle was travelling at 76mph.

The next day, nearly double the number were caught, with 346 vehicles spotted exceeding the 40mph speed limit during a period of three hours and 40 minutes.

The fastest vehicle detected by police that day was travelling at 67mph.

Police handed out fixed penalty notices to all 536 motorists caught by the camera van.

A spokesperson for Dorset Police said: “Our safety camera vans have been deployed for two days of speed enforcement on the 40mph section of the A338 during off-peak hours where workmen were present on both days. We were specifically asked to attend by the workmen because of the poor driving witnessed in that area.”

Bournemouth Echo:

Officers returned to the roadworks area on Friday due to the level of speeding and will continue to monitor the situation.

“The speed limit is in place to ensure the safety of people working in that area and other motorists and we would ask everyone to ensure they drive carefully and safely through the roadworks,” the spokesperson added.

One frustrated motorist said they received a fine after travelling at 51mph in the 40mph zone. However, the Canford Cliffs resident, who did not wish to be named, said she was caught outside the coned area and thought the speed limit had reverted to 50mph.

“I was shocked to receive a speeding ticket. I drove out of the coned area patiently and wasn’t aware there was still a 40mph limit.

“A lot of people are getting caught out. Two of my daughter’s friends have received fines too.

“These roadworks are already causing a lot of hassle for people so fining drivers on top of this has to stop,” she added.

Dorset County Council and Bournemouth council say the safety of the A338 workforce is “of paramount importance” and they are concerned about the level of speeding in the roadworks area.

Cllr Mike Greene, Bournemouth’s cabinet member for transport, cleansing and waste, said speeding drivers were putting workers’ lives at risk.

“The 40mph speed limit is in place for a reason – to protect the workers who are carrying out a job in that area,” he said.

“People driving at speed are putting the workers’ lives at risk which is unacceptable. Drivers who are speeding should take a second to think what it would be like if it was one of their relatives working on the road.”

Gary Powell, head of traffic management for Bournemouth council, added: “We fully support Dorset Police’s use of safety cameras during the A338 road improvements. The speed limits are there for both workers and motorist safety and we urge all road users to drive carefully and show consideration at this time.”