A bus has reportedly collided with one of the bollards in Boscombe's shared space.

The incident, which occurred near McDonald's, saw the bollard pushed down the road.

One person said it nearly rolled into a shop, thankfully missing pedestrians.

It involved a single decker Yellow Bus that was travelling through Boscombe towards Bournemouth.

The bus appears to have suffered damage to the front near side wheel.

A witness who didn’t want to be named said: "I heard a massive bang and turned round to see the boulder rolling down the road.

“It was lucky it didn’t hit anyone because they’re very heavy and someone could have been hurt.

“Lots of people from Yellow Buses and the council turned up really quickly and the boulder was lifted back into place by a crane-type lorry.”

Simon Philp, project manager at Bournemouth council, said: “We’ve been made aware of the incident regarding the bollard and the team will shortly be on site to ensure the area’s made safe for pedestrians and vehicles.”

David Squire, managing director of Yellow Buses, said: “At approximately 1325 today, Wednesday, a single decker operating on our route 1a service appears to have clipped one of the bollards in the Boscombe shared space.

"As a result the dislodged bollard rolled into the front of a shop causing slight damage. The bus also sustained damage. No-one was injured and we are now investigating the incident.”

Thirteen of the spheres were installed in the controversial shared space area in 2016 as part of plans to differentiate between the road and the pedestrian walkway.

Just weeks after they were installed, a similar collision took place.