A MAN with an “irrational hatred of police” has been jailed after threatening officers with a large lump hammer.

Samuel Appleby had drunk almost two bottles of whisky when he started causing a disturbance at his partner’s home in Whitefield Road, New Milton, Southampton Crown Court was told.

Police arrived at the property and had to use CS gas to subdue the defendant, the court heard.

Richard Wayman, prosecuting, said Appleby dropped the lump hammer he was holding above his head and was arrested.

Outlining the defendant’s background he said Appleby suffered from bipolar disorder as well as attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) and a form of autism.

His mother was a heroin addict, he said.

Appleby, 23, of Churchward Gardens, Hedge End, pleaded guilty to possessing an offensive weapon in a public place on September 7.

Jo Chester, in mitigation, said the defendant had an irrational hatred of police following an incident in which he was separated from his parents.

She said his actions were also triggered by the anniversaries of the deaths of his father and brother.

Confirming Appleby had drunk one-and-a-half-litres of whisky she added: “On this occasion he remembered them with too muchalcohol.”

Appleby, who sobbed throughout the hearing, was “absolutely petrified” of being sent to prison.

Urging the court not to jail her client Ms Chester said: “He has not drunk at all since September 7. This is his rock bottom - and from rock bottom he can only go up.”

The painter and decorator would be “without work and without focus” if he received a custodial sentence, the court was told.

But Recorder Patrick Clarkson told him: “You were aggressive towards a police officer and threatened to break his jaw.

“Later you returned with a lump hammer.

“Your partner bravely sought to hold you back but you threatened two officers with such a level of violence they used CS gas against you.

“You have an unfortunate and difficult background but that’s not an excuse for what went on, nor is the anniversary of deaths.”

Mr Clarkson acknowledged that Appleby was petrified of being sent to jail but added: “The police officers were probably petrified as well.

“It’s the duty of courts to protect police from people such as you.”

Appleby was jailed for four months and told to pay a victim services surcharge of £115.