IT is beyond ridiculous for Denise Davis, mother of the 15-year-old boy who had his phone confiscated after he was found using it, in flagrant breach of the school’s long-standing policy, on the premises at Poole Grammar School, to bleat that his human rights have been violated.

Her preposterous assertion not only devalues the meaning of the phrase ‘human rights’ but is an insult to the millions of oppressed people around the world whose human rights really are violated every day.

If she is really concerned for her son, she’d be backing the school – not the boy who had already been warned over the same offence on a previous occasion.

As for her claim that her little darling would not be able to call home if he were involved in an emergency – rubbish – the school provided him with a replacement phone on which he could use to contact his parents!

If I got into trouble or broke the rules when I was at school, I was not only punished by the school but punished again by my parents for getting into trouble at school.

I’m sorry Mrs Davis – this is a non-issue and I’m more than a little surprised that it has been deemed worthy of a front page headline, and half a page inside our local newspaper.

ROBERT READMAN, Norwich Avenue West, Bournemouth