IN response to your article about the man fined for cycling on the prom, maybe these rangers should be out on our roads.

Firstly, let me say I am not anti-cyclist. I am a pedestrian, cyclist, motorist and professional driver. I AM anti-BAD-cyclists.

With the change of the clocks and the winter evenings, more needs to be done to combat the stupid two-wheeled terrors that blight this town.

There are the classic Ninjas - clad in dark clothes without an ounce of reflective capability and no lights. While I do not condone using non-kite-marked or equivalent lighting, ANY lighting is better than none. And with cheap LED lights available from all the pound shops there is absolutely no excuse for not having some kind of lighting on your bike.

Then there are those who have WWII searchlights or epilepsy inducing nightclub strobes affixed to their handlebars and aimed at the oncoming motorists, to make sure they are seen - although I'm not sure how someone can see you when their retinas have been burnt out.

There are also the Salmon and the Squirrels. The Salmon ride against the flow of traffic, or the wrong way down one-way streets. They even cycle the wrong way in a cycle lane - if it is not physically separated from the flow of traffic it has to follow the flow of traffic. The Squirrels just weave in and out of traffic, up and down pavements, playing hopscotch with buses and squeezing up the side of slow vehicles - but motorists are advised to give them 1.5m when overtaking!

This doesn't include the feral "yoof" who wheelie up the road in front of traffic deliberately slowing it down, or the shoals of MAMILS out for their ride, three abreast, asserting their right to hold everyone else up.

Don't get me started on their apparent colour-blindness and dyslexia regarding road signs and lights.

But the thing that really grinds my gears, and is possibly more dangerous than any of the above on their own, are those cyclists that have the lights on back to front - WHY?

Apart from the fact that you're breaking the Road and Vehicles Lighting Regulations, it's extremely dangerous.

White lights are expected to be on the front of vehicles, and therefore coming towards you, similarly, red lights are expected on the rear and should be moving in the same direction as you.

So you're driving down the road and you see a red light in the gutter/cycle lane ahead. All of a sudden that red light has whizzed down your inside far quicker than you expected. Why? Because the Salmon is practically a Ninja - the only light is red and on the wrong end of the bike, he is cycling the wrong way for his position and wearing nothing else that would give away his presence.

These people need to be fined and have their bikes taken off them for their safety, and the safety of those around them.


Cranleigh Road, Tuckton