REVIEW by Jess Stoddard

World famous as Britain’s original dance company, Rambert2 takes contemporary dance and flips it on its head.

The almost ghoulish "Grey Matter" introduces the theme of temptation that is clear throughout all pieces. The see-through costumes designed by Cottweiler and the backlighting designed by Lee Curran make them look like skins that are peeling off. The idea of shedding skin is also in Benoit Swan Pouffer's choreography. The temptation to leave normality and break the mould is cleverly produced on stage through Pouffer's striking movements, as the soloist's movements are smooth and large, contrasting with the regular and small actions by the ensemble in perfect synchronisation. Influenced by hip-hop and Bollywood sounds, GAIKA's drum-heavy soundtrack contrasts with the heavy breathing that runs throughout.

"E2 7SD" showcases the ability of dancers Meshach Henry and Darlyn Perez as they perform to a spoken soundtrack. The balance of the relationship is dynamic, and the audience sees the change from supporting one another to the loss of connection. Rafael Bonachela's choreography uses a lot of balances and movements that fit each dancer perfectly into the other's arms.

"Kill Pig" is quite a marvel, and Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar's choreography leaves you with lots of unanswered questions. The influence of different dance styles is evident in this piece, including voguing and jazz. Ori Lichtik's music was almost hypnotic, with the repetitive drum beat accompanying the dancer's repetitive movements.

Rambert2 is at the Lighthouse Theatre until tonight at 7.45 pm.