AFTER it was announced that the new unitary authority will initially be named the BCP Council, I was pondering what the new council could legitimately be called in the future.

Originally the thought of Christbourne as the new name sounded appealing, particularly with complaints from Christchurch council and residents of being “erased” by Bournemouth over time. Its name would be preserved as the beginning of the name of the new council.

However, despite liking this name, it is obvious that Poole is completely excluded from this idea, so another plausible option could be Christlebourne While the name can appear odd at first, the sound of it eventually becomes normal (Christ-ul-bourne) and incorporates the names of all three councils into one name.

One may criticise the name for only having two letters representing Poole, however the only way to incorporate Poole to an equal extent as Christchurch and Bournemouth would be to name the new council Christoolebourne, which I’m sure everyone can agree looks and sounds rather ridiculous.

JAMES HARLOW, St Albans Avenue, Bournemouth