LUISA Omielan’s stand up show Politics for Bitches at the O2 on Sunday night, proved to be a bit of a feminist manifesto - and much, much more besides.

The 33-year-old comedian actually followed her 14-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog (the loveable Bernie) on to the stage, so from the go this was a tour with a difference.

Omielan first found fame and acclaim taking her What Would Beyoncé Do? to Edinburgh, and prides herself on performing solo shows that are like events.

Unfortunately, Boscombe’s O2 Academy was, as she said ‘freezing’ and most of the around 100 or so predominantly female audience kept their coats on for the duration.

This was the only downside though, and the majority of the crowd were laughing, cackling and shrieking out loud as Omielan tackled the state of the UK today.

Using a whiteboard to illustrate her points, she tackled all sorts, including Brexit, the British class system, inequality of opportunity, the Tampon Tax and public spending.

She might once have wondered whether a Tory and a Conservative were two different things, but she really made some pretty good points on how to address key issues.

Lively, loveable and full of attitude, Luisa lastly moved on to talk about cancer treatment and her heartbreaking fight to try to save her mum from the disease.

We can’t have been the only ones fighting back tears as she spoke about the delay in her previously fit and healthy mum getting diagnosed and treatment inadequacies.

This comic has earned rave reviews, written a book, set up a charity and toured the world, which is pretty phenomenal.

But to manage to talk about such a searingly emotional experience live on stage, and still somehow be funny - that’s just incredible.

The lengths Omielan had to go to to get her mother pain relief and even a drink of water as she lay dying were truly shocking, and she clearly wants her voice heard.

This was an exceptional evening of entertainment and emotion, and anyone who gets to see Luisa (and Bernie) live is in for a treat.

Maybe just bring an extra jumper if it’s at the O2...