RIGHT now there is much talk concerning the UK's over-use of plastics and the problems it is causing to our environment.

I hear mostly complaints about over-packaging with fruit and veg at our local supermarkets, plastic bags and even plastic straws. Top of the list is plastic bottled water.

Yet what I cannot figure out is why nobody ever mentions plastic bottles of milk that are being churned out daily and purchased the same in billions by practically everybody up and down our land. How come they are not on the 'hit list' for changes to be made?

Germany have always excelled when it comes to recycling issues and they sell their litres of milk in cartons. Why can't the UK do the same?

I could add on most detergent bottles that come in a plastic container – they are not on the list either.

All I can see so far is plastic bags now being charged for, with the price going up and as usual, it will always increase. They are still around everywhere except that now they are making lots of money for people. The same goes for our recycling: now we hear that only a third of our waste is recycled (China), the rest goes into landfill.

That includes the many billions of empty milk and detergent plastic containers being thrown out each day, week and year in Britain.

True recycling in the UK is just one big joke.


Wellington Road, Bournemouth