MARTIN Rodger’s latest published letter on the A338 surpasses even his exceptional levels of make-believe.

He makes three “points”:

Firstly, he berates me for saying the current works are outside Bournemouth, instructing us to “Be clear on this. The vast majority of the work is on Bournemouth land”.

I am not sure which map he is using but it must have some very peculiar lines drawn on it. In fact not one inch of the current works is within Bournemouth’s boundaries.

Secondly, he states that the works are being undertaken to facilitate the Wessex Fields development. Wrong once again: they are to lengthen the dangerous slip road on at Blackwater and add an additional lane to the busiest part of the Spur Road, which is predicted to exceed capacity within a few years, independent of Wessex Fields.

If the Wessex Fields application is granted, additional works can take place next year at the same time as the current job without extending the time they will take to complete.

And thirdly, he tells us that the A338 delay time last Friday was over 12 hours. I am not in a position to reply on behalf of Dorset County Council or their contractors but... Really, Mr Rodger? Maybe he should choose his source of traffic information a bit more wisely.


Cabinet member for transport, cleansing and waste, Bournemouth Borough Council