FRAUDSTERS tricked a Sherborne resident out of more than £4,000 in a scam.

The victim received a call from a person purporting to be from BT who told the resident they needed to make a payment on their account.

Police said the resident believed the call to be genuine as he was passed from one ‘department’ to another and the various people he spoke with seemed “very professional.”

He then made a bank card payment over the phone, and after receiving the payment, the scammer then made four more payment requests from the victim’s bank.

A total of £4,635 was taken from the man’s account.

Fortunately, the victim’s bank refunded the additional payments as they had not been authorised by him.

In an act of good will, they also refunded the initial payment that was taken.

Sherborne Neighbourhood Policing Team said they have also received a report of a resident receiving an automated call claiming to be from BT and informing them that their account had been compromised.

The recorded voice then asked the would-be victim to press a button to make contact.

A spokesperson from Sherborne Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “DO NOT press the button and hang up immediately, it has been confirmed from BT that this is a scam and the call is not from them and if you press the requested button you are connected to a premium rate number that charges you extortionate fees.”