I AM a retired staff nurse and have been gladdened to hear that campaign groups have managed to refer the planned changes for NHS in Dorset back to the government. I believe the groups should be roundly congratulated for their very hard work.

It is a very sad state of affairs that our wonderful dedicated NHS is so hugely overloaded and in the face of this government is set on plans to cut back even further services with the loss of Poole A&E, close down three community hospitals and the loss of 250 hospital beds in the county.

I can understand the thinking to have one large scale emergency centre to deal with all A&E cases, but that will clearly lead to extended times to get people from all over Dorset into one emergency centre on the far east of the county.

And add to this all the pressures finding and retaining medical staff. The more staff are pressured the higher the rises in staff leaving. As far as I can see we will end up with even more pressure on ambulance staff in particular.

Someone did comment that current changes look like Beeching II. For those who do not know that is the grand planner from the 1960s who launched plans that led to the tearing up of a third of British Rail network.

I think that is very apt comment: Beeching II closing down whole sections of our NHS. This then with impact for decades into the future.


Sandy Lane, Upton