THE best performing secondary schools in Dorset based on this year's GCSE results have been revealed.

Figures released by the Department for Education show how well the county's schools did in the all-important exams taken in the summer.

It is the second year schools have been ranked using the attainment 8 grading system, after major changes were made as to how exams are assessed.

Attainment 8 is an average score across eight subjects taken at GCSE, which includes English and maths. The higher the score, the better.

The new system also rates schools on the progress pupils make between Year 6 and when they take their GCSEs. This is called Progress 8.

The scores are provisional with any revisions to be published in January.

Overall, the best performing school for attainment in Dorset was Bournemouth School for Girls.

Bournemouth's average attainment 8 score was 49.9, above the national average of 46.4.

Both of Bournemouth's grammar schools excelled in their attainment scores, with Bournemouth School for Girls edging into the top spot with a score of 73.3. Bournemouth School was not far behind with 72.9.

The worst performing mainstream school in Bournemouth for attainment was Harewood with 33.6.

The school with the highest Progress 8 score was Glenmoor Academy, with 1.05, which is deemed as 'well above average' by the Department for Education.

The worst was Harewood with -0.94.

In Poole, the top school for attainment was Poole Grammar School with 69.6, followed by Parkstone Grammar School with 67.5.

The lowest performer was St Aldhelm's Academy with 37.7, but they performed above average with their progress score.

Top for progress was Magna Academy who were rated 'well above average' with a score of 1.04.

Poole did well overall, with their average attainment 50.9 - better than Bournemouth and above the national average. They were also above average for progress.

In Dorset County Council's area, which includes Christchurch, Purbeck, North Dorset and East Dorset, Highcliffe School was top for attainment with 52.1.

Second to them for these specific areas was The Blandford School with an attainment score of 50.9.

The poorest performer in the Dorset area was The Grange with 41.3, but they were also average for progress.

On progress, the best performer was The Swanage School, with the worst Shaftesbury School.

On average, Dorset's attainment score was 47.3.

EDIT: Corfe Hills Progress 8 score was not the lowest as previously detailed. As the school starts at Year 9 rather than Year 7, Progress 8 is not an appropriate to assess their performance, as stated by Department for Education. 

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