YESTERDAY afternoon my wife and I went to see A Star is Born at the Bournemouth Odeon.

It was a great film, the theatre was about one third full, but the experience was totally disrupted by many cinema goers using their mobiles throughout the film.

Undoubtedly some were recording the film, others were simply scrolling through their messages. There was no staff to complain to.

I eventually asked a lady near me to turn her phone off and after a long hard stare at me, she got up and walked out.

I spoke to one of the staff who came in at the end of the film and told him the problem.

He said I should have popped out and found a member of staff, as if!

What a sad, modern day problem.

Mobile phones are a requirement nowadays, but they are increasingly becoming a scourge of our day to day lives.


Longfleet Road, Poole