A ROW of luxury homes on exclusive Sandbanks has been revealed to be the most expensive piece of coastal real estate in the world in terms of price-per-square foot.

The 850ft long stretch of Panorama Road contains 13 harbourside mansions that total a staggering £93million in value.

The Moorings at Sandbanks which has been sold for £8.09m, making it the most expensive sale ever on the peninsula

PICTURES: Inside the most expensive house ever sold on Sandbanks peninsula

The street is on the most desirable part of the peninsula for prospective multi-millionaire buyers.

But the plots are relatively narrow, between 40ft and 60ft wide, making it the priciest piece of coastline in the world in terms of pounds per square foot.

Two ultra-modern properties with indoor swimming pools were recently snapped up in quick time for a combined £15.6m.

One of those that went for just over £8m was a huge state-of-the-art mansion while the other sold for £7.5m even before the sales brochure had come out.

Last week another luxury house, on a plot of land that Beatles star John Lennon bought for his beloved Aunt Mimi, went up for sale for £7.2m.

Other properties to have changed hands in recent times include a mock-Tudor mansion that was sold by Harry Redknapp to the boss of Topps Tiles.

It sold for £6.9m in 2015 but is now said to be valued at £10m after undergoing renovation.

Local property experts believe the uncertainty over the impact Brexit will have on the London property market is tempting rich buyers to look elsewhere.

Adrian Dunford, of Sandbanks estate agents Tailor Made, said: "We now believe this part of Sandbanks is the most expensive stretch of coastline on the planet in terms of price-per-square foot.

"The multi-million pound mansions in Miami and Monte Carlo will be on much bigger plots of land than you get on Sandbanks.

"The thing about Sandbanks is that it is a peninsula and so we are hemmed in. You can't increase the number of properties and so supply and demand dictate the prices.

"That row of properties is located in the most enviable part of Sandbanks. The houses have direct water access and also overlook

the busiest part of the harbour.

"So to have two at the very top end of the market go as quickly as they have says an awful lot about the state of the local market.

"The properties were bought by London-based buyers and that may be a reflection of what is happening with the Brexit."

And Keith Fensom, from Savills, said: "Generally the market is difficult because of the uncertainty of Brexit, but that doesn't seem to affect buyers at the super-prime level.

"Sometimes these houses might come on the market once in a generation and buyers know if they don't seize their chance they could be waiting years."