A UNIQUE piece of Bournemouth Air Festival history is up for sale - and it could be yours for £39,000.

The Aerobar was created for the 2017 festival, made from a converted ATR 42-300 aircraft.

It was brought to the festival by the company Immense Events but now they've decided to put it up for sale.

Immense Events director Marianne Brown explained: "Last year, we sat pondering what concept we could come up with for the Bournemouth Air Festival.

"After a few obligatory gins - lets buy a plane and convert it into a bar.

"The next day, off plane shopping - as you do."

The aircraft, discovered in an airfield at Cirencester, had reached the end of its safe working life and was decommissioned.

Marianne said: "Our vision was to come up with a bar and restaurant concept that would blow it out the sky, compliment the Bournemouth Air Festival and attract tourist and locals alike.

"In 2017 we landed on Bournemouth Beach and operated for 17 days, taking you on journey around the world with music and food."

The 73ft aircraft has been converted into a fully-functioning mobile bar, with seven double fridges and 40 aircraft seats.

When it arrived at Bournemouth Air Festival, the surrounding beach was transformed into an airport terminal, complete with departure lounge, duty free, club class restaurant, and even a VIP first class area.

Before it was decommissioned, it was chartered between the Channel Islands.

Marianne said: "We researched in great depths into aircrafts and conversions of aircraft worldwide and upon our conclusions, no other company had done this before.

"We wanted to be the first do this and showcase our design and concept at the Bournemouth Air Festival."