ALTHOUGH it wasn’t quite the grand entrance Tony Hadley said he was hoping for when he took a wrong turn and ended up at the back of his stage set, he certainly didn’t put a foot wrong after that.

The former Spandau Ballet frontman had one of the most distinctive voices of the eighties and it was interesting to see if he still had it more than 30 years later.

Based on last night's show, there's no doubt that he is still a powerhouse performer as he belted out one song after the other supported by his superb seven-piece band.

It was an eclectic mix of music inspired by his appeal on Twitter to find out what fans wanted to hear which included tracks from his new album Talking to the Moon, covers of classics such as Time in A Bottle and even Queen’s Somebody To Love, as a touching tribute to Freddie Mercury, the man he described as his mentor.

But it was clear from the audience's reaction to the opening bars of To Cut A Long Story Short that it was the Spandau numbers they had mainly come to hear.

Hadley’s band added some beautiful melodic twists to some of the Spandau classics and he encouraged a mass sing along while he performed True.

Highlights for me included Hadley’s personal all-time favourite Through the Barricades, and his new track What Am I? a poignant reflection on his split from Spandau.

The Pavilion creates a more intimate atmosphere for a show, but as it is a seated venue, only a handful of people got up to dance in the aisles at first.

But by the time the band played Gold everybody was up on their feet, singing and dancing which is credit to Hadley’s ability to engage with his audience. It was clear he was enjoying himself as much as the crowd.

Music has a powerful ability to take you back in time and allow you to relieve moments of your youth even it does make you feel old. A brilliant, memorable night.