A JAMAICAN food restaurant in Westbourne was ordered to make improvements after a damning food hygiene inspection.

Many items beyond their use-by-date, including cooked and raw meat, were discovered at Jammin Jerk Hut in Seamoor Road.

Other issues were also highlighted by a Bournemouth Borough Council environmental health officer, who sent the business a food hygiene warning letter and gave it a rating of zero.

The officer's report raised concerns around poor stock control, cross contamination and dirty equipment, as well as the restaurant's chef not being aware of the 14 allergens that need to be declared in food to consumers.

When questioned about the ingredients in a wrap during the inspection, the chef failed to declare gluten in the dish, according to the officer.

Food hygiene awareness among staff was also deemed to be "inadequate".

Floyd Gordon, owner of the Westbourne business which opened earlier this year, said he was abroad at the time of the inspection and had been "completely let down" by the people he left in charge during his absence.

He also said building renovation was on-going at the time of the visit and all issues raised in the report had now been addressed.

Louise Jones, Bournemouth Borough Council’s environmental health manager, said: “A food hygiene inspection was carried out by the council’s environmental health officer on August 23 and there were a number of food safety concerns noted.

“A follow up visit is due at the business shortly to check compliance. The business will continue to be monitored to ensure that it is fully compliant.”

Food discovered at Jammin Jerk Hut included:

  • Asda Houmous - up to 15 days past its use-by-date
  • Ashfield 20-day sirloin steak - up to four days past its use-by-date
  • Raw chicken - five days past its use-by-date
  • Macaroni cheese - 14 days past its use-by-date
  • Cooked chicken - 21 days past its use-by-date

All of these items were thrown away during the inspector's visit rather than being seized by the council.

Mr Gordon said he will apply for a reinspection with the hope of achieving a five rating.

"We were extremely disappointed when we found out about the inspection," he said.

"I have been in this business for more than five years and never had anything like this before.

"The builders we had employed did not do a good job and at the time of the visit we were not in the country.

"The person who was told to look after it did not do a good job at all. These people are no longer working with us.

"All of the requests have been completed and the renovation is finished.

"It was so shocking, surprising and disappointing. We were let down badly."