Hours of delays, frustrating queues, no viable alternative routes and another eight months to go.

Drivers forced to endure the chaos the A338 is creating have hit out at the council for the length of delays - and their 'lack of sympathy'.

Some say they have given up gym memberships or avoided booking classes as a result, with one person claiming to have quit their job over the work.

One man, commenting online said: “I feel for the poor business folk of Bournemouth and Castlepoint.

“I needed shops Saturday afternoon. I live in Verwood and went to Southampton instead as it was quicker and less hassle to get there. I know my amount of money wouldn’t make much difference but how many other people have had the same idea as me?”

And one driver said: “Christchurch to Ferndown; I would normally leave at 8.10am to get into work for 8.45am. I’m now leaving at 7.40am and leave work at 5.15pm and get home 6.15-6.30pm when normally this would take 25 minutes.”

One man said: “At the moment I’m not going anywhere in Bournemouth, Poole etc unless I take the motorbike. Business must be affected.”

One woman said her husband, who works near Fareham, has to leave at least an hour earlier each day. And she said it often takes him two hours to do what should be a 40 minute journey.

“He didn’t see his kids at all yesterday and is even considering changing jobs for less money as he can’t face nine months of this after only recently enduring the same with the last set of works,” she said.

“The council have no idea the impact on families and lives, it’s profound.”

Another driver said: “These roadworks have made my working life impossible. I drop my son at school at 8.30am and would normally be in work for 9am. Now I am late everyday by at least 45 mins. I work my lunch to try and make up the hours. I cant leave earlier as I can’t afford to add breakfast club to my already spiralling childcare costs.”