IF you happen to see Tony Hadley in Bournemouth today, he’ll be happy to sign autographs or pose for a selfie with you just as long as he’s not eating!

Ahead of his performance at the Pavilion tonight he said: “Some people get really funny about that sort of thing, but the whole reason we’re in this business is to make music that people will hopefully buy so you’re in the public realm. Unless I’m in the middle of a meal, I’m always happy to sign stuff and have selfies.”

The singer says he still enjoys being on the road and that he has some good memories of Bournemouth from when he was the frontman for Spandau Ballet.

“Bournemouth was almost our second home in the late 70s and early 80s – it’s a cracking place.”

Tonight Tony says he will be performing a mixture of material from his new album Talking to the Moon, as well as some Spandau classics.

“I’m a great believer in giving people what they want. Just because I left the band doesn’t stop me singing songs like True, Gold and Through the Barricades.

“I’ve not said why I quit the band and I’m not going to say why now. All I will say is that I left for a very specific reason – if ever I do say what it was, and I might do at some point, there was a good reason for it.”

But he adds: “I’ve survived through sheer bloody mindedness and determination. I don’t want it to sound like a sob story, but most people would have given up ages ago – plus I’m not qualified for anything else!”

He adds: “Sometimes I have to pinch myself that I’m still doing what I love in spite of all the court shenanigans, all the career highs and lows. I think I’m a really lucky man.”