FIREFIGHTERS feared for the safety of reptiles in cages after a fire broke out at a Moordown restaurant on Sunday.

As reported in the Daily Echo, emergency services closed a stretch of Wimborne Road after the fire broke out in the kitchen of Affamato at around 2.30pm.

Dozens of firefighters were called to the scene, along with paramedics and police officers. Residents in neighbouring flats were forced to evacuate and nearby businesses shut.

No one was injured, and although there were concerns about animals at Wild World Reptiles, none needed to be rescued. The company owns premises either side of Affamato in Wimborne Road.

A spokesperson from Wild World Reptiles thanked members of the public for their "kind and supportive messages" and said: "Thankfully, we have been really lucky and the fire that occurred in the cafe next to us has not badly affected either of our shops or our animals.

"That said, we will be closed for a couple of days to clean up the aftermath."

Fire crews confirmed the blaze was accidental. It took hold in the kitchen of the cafe.