The full statement from supporters group The Cherries Trust in reaction to the latest stadium news.

Today's statement from the AFC Bournemouth board has confirmed the Trust's fears that both the new stadium project and training ground development have stalled.

The club's profile locally, nationally and internationally has been transformed by our presence in the Premier League - the manager and all the staff have performed miracles to maintain that status for three seasons and we congratulate them for that success which is beyond all of our wildest dreams.

We have a generation of young fans proudly wearing their Cherries shirts around the area in numbers unprecedented in years gone by - but so many of them remain unable to watch the team because the stadium we have is not fit for the division in which we are now playing.

The club has received both income and investment of a scale unimaginable in the past - but the fundamental nature of the club remains the same. We do not own our own ground, we have a category three academy and we have a stadium fit for the League One club it was built for - with a reduced capacity due to the requirements of the Premier League. Without Premier League TV money we are still that same League One club at heart.

This is without doubt the greatest period in the club's history - but it will not last forever. We need to make hay while the sun shines. If, as the club states, every penny received so far has been spent on maintaining that status - then if we leave this division we will have no permanent legacy to show for all of the hard work and money invested which would be an absolutely tragic waste.

In an interview with Radio Solent in May, Eddie Howe said: "We must have a tangible, long-term thing to look back at and go ‘that was what the Premier League did for us’.

‘The training ground, the new stadium — that’s where this club has to go for the long-term benefits, otherwise we will never see the benefits of the Premier League era.

‘We’ve focused a lot on the team and on what you see out on the pitch, but I think the infrastructure of the club is a must.

‘That will serve us so well in 10, 15, 20, 30 years, and that’s what I really believe the club must focus on.’"

The Trust wholeheartedly supports the view of the manager and believe that the club must prioritise the creation of a permanent long-term legacy from this period of success. The training ground development is vital to provide a sustainable future pipeline of players for the team - and if the development of new stadium is unachievable in the timescales previously stated then the expansion of the existing stadium should be revisited to enable more of the fans currently shut out of the ground to watch their local team play.