A HOSTEL resident who lost an aunt to cancer organised a Macmillan coffee morning to show that homeless people can help others too.

Danny Ainsworth, 40, who is a resident of the YMCA Bournemouth hostel, has been homeless most of his life.

He organised the event on Friday as part of the World's Biggest Coffee Morning initiative.

Together with other hostel users and staff, Mr Ainsworth was able to raise money for a cause close to his heart.

His aunt had been cared for on a Macmillan unit before she died and he could not thank them enough for the support they provided.

"We were all camped out waiting with my aunt in the Macmillan ward and nothing was too much for them," Mr Ainsworth said.

"When my aunt passed they put a bit of make up on her, with a teddy bear on her, sat her up so we could see her for the last time. They made her look so well it was like the cancer had just gone away from her.

"That was the reason really for giving back to Macmillan and cancer is something that everyone has a connection with through family or someone they know."

Around three and a half years ago Mr Ainsworth got help with his addiction problems, found a place in supported housing, got clean and became a volunteer himself, helping others who were stuck in his previous situation.

Following the loss of his grandfather he fell back into bad habits and once again found himself homeless.

Mr Ainsworth has been in the YMCA Bournemouth hostel since June and is now receiving the support he needs.

He has ambitions to create a recovery cafe in the town and said he wanted to show people who have spent time on the street can get back on track."

"It shows people like us are receiving support, but we are still people and we can give something back," Mr Ainsworth added.

"I am an addict and have been homeless, but it is important to give back. It is not all about me, this is about me paying for what Macmillan did for me that day.

"I have been homeless most of my life, in and out of places.

"This time I asked specifically to come to the YMCA because I heard so many good things and success stories about it."