NORTH Dorset MP Simon Hoare warned housing plans for Alderholt would "bolt on" another village to the existing community.

The Conservative politician discussed the proposals for 1,000 homes in the rural community on Thursday after dozens gathered outside the parish hall to voice concerns.

As reported by the Daily Echo, Alderholt residents are against East Dorset District Council's Local Plan, which features "a minimum of 1,000 homes" on land in the village.

Mr Hoare said he took on board what the residents had to say and agreed with their main issue.

"You have to ask what would 1,000 homes do to the character of the village," he said.

"It is effectively bolting on a brand new village. Are 1,000 homes too many to accommodate?

"The residents think the infrastructure can't support it and I think on this point they are right.

"None of the residents said there should not be any housing. People understand the housing need, but there needs to be the infrastructure in place, with schools, doctors and highways."

Mr Hoare said he plans to raise the concerns of Alderholt residents at a meeting with East Dorset District Council leaders next week.

"We talk about sustainability of energy and infrastructure, but we do have to ensure the sustainability of communities," Mr Hoare added.

"Some time that means delivering some new housing, but not too much which changes the character of a village."

Alderholt residents have set up a new action group to draw the village together on the issue.

Chris Walker, who helped set up Action4Alderholt, told the Daily Echo the majority of the village was against 1,000 homes without sufficient infrastructure.

"The main problem with Alderholt is there was development in the 1970s, which promised infrastructure and it was never delivered," Mr Walker said.

"The four roads into the village are narrow country lanes.

"The village really is unsuitable for that many houses unless we get the proper infrastructure.

"If they want to spend the millions of pounds do deliver it then there is no problem."