UNIVERSITY students have arrived. How do we know this? Firstly the broken nights' sleep due to rowdy, drunk students walking past talking or screeching loudly have begun and secondly no parking.

We have a central coach and train station and Bournemouth University provide Uni-Link buses, so why do the students need a car? Over the weekend of September 15-16 in our road alone, we have seen an influx of more than 10 cars. Subsequently, permanent residents who arrive home from work after 6pm or have gone out for the day are finding on their return there is nowhere to park except for in surrounding roads.

It is sad to see front gardens being converted to off road parking to appease local residents, to reduce congestion and to reduce harm to the local environment. I suggest when the planning department are asked to approve the old family homes being converted into HMOs, the impact on parking needs to be considered and Bournemouth University need to have a campaign titled "No need to bring your car to uni".

RACHEL LESSON, Hankinson Road, Winton