THE owner of a family-run convenience store admitted continual theft problems make him consider closing down his business.

Adam Phillips, who runs Boscombe East Post Office and Phillips News, said items are stolen from his store on a daily basis.

This week he posted CCTV footage online after a bottle of wine was taken on Wednesday.

A man leant over the counter and took the bottle, before putting it under his shirt and leaving the store.

Mr Phillips told the Daily Echo items from crisps and sweets, to wine and meat are often stolen.

“We have thefts every day. It is nothing major each day, but it is every day so it soon adds up,” said Mr Phillips.

“I can’t blame police because they are now doing their best. They are trying to help us now.

“The problem is more the justice system, with repeat offenders coming back to do the same thing.

“It is not getting any better. We go through phases, where you have a few days and you think it is improving, but then it all starts again.”

The business has been in Mr Phillips’ family for 60 years. His father, who used to run the shop, still contacts him with frustrations when he hears about thefts.

“After the other night you feel like turning the keys in the door because you have just had enough,” Mr Phillips added.

“I get here at 5am and leave at 6.30pm. When people steal from you it does make you feel pretty down.

“We get a lot of support from our customers and councillors, especially Andy Jones.

“It does appear to be getting worse, but police are trying their best.”

“They must be spending hours dealing with repeat offenders and they just keep causing trouble.”

Boscombe East ward councillor Andy Jones (inset above) said he had held regular meetings with police about retail thefts and admitted it was frustrating for businesses.

“I’m pushing for getting restriction orders in place for people who keep offending,” Cllr Jones said.

“There is the financial impact, but there is a wider impact with business owners not feeling safe.

“It is inevitably frustrating for the same thing to be happening over and over again. I have spoken to Adam (Phillips) many times and this is something I’m concerned about.”

Cllr Jones, who has written to MP Tobias Ellwood about the issue, said he would like to see tougher sentences for people who are found repeatedly guilty of the same crime.

Dorset Police said an investigation was ongoing into Wednesday’s incident and no arrests had been made.

A spokesperson said: “Our local officers are committed to working with our partners, including the BID and local authority as well as businesses in the area, around a response to tackle shoplifting.

“We have a number of different initiatives currently in place for reported shoplifting and are also looking to take action against known prolific offenders in the area.”

They added: “We appreciate the impact shoplifting can have on local businesses, particularly smaller independent stores, and would always encourage them to report offences to us immediately. We will also work with repeat victims and offer them advice to help improve the security at their premises.”