Bournemouth's Arts by the Sea festival kicks off this weekend.

Here are seven free events you can get hands-on with this year...

1. Beach Clean with Litter Free Coast, September 29 at 11am, Pier Approach

In a unified effort against all marine and beach litter, communities, businesses and individuals from across Dorset and East Devon will come together to participate in a united beach clean in order to achieve a Litter Free Coast and Sea.

2. Heavy Metal Detector by Steve Maher, September 29-30 from 12noon to 6pm, Bournemouth beach

A cross between a walk, a workshop and a performance, Heavy Metal Detector is an interactive public art project that lies somewhere between a metal music gig and a visit to a site of historic importance. This event provides members of the public an opportunity to become metal detectors for the day, all with a musical twist. Sign up on the day.

3. Kathy’s Parlour, Levantes Dance Theatre on September 29-30 at 12noon, Lower Gardens.

Involving nothing more than a makeshift outdoor hair parlour and a group of matching ‘Kathys’, with extravagant hairdos, Kathy’s Parlour is a true gem of immersive street theatre. The brainchild of Levantes Dance Theatre and the Albany Young Creatives, this outdoor parlour is one full of surprises. Showcasing original work from young creatives, this platform allows visitors to pass by for a carefully-crafted do, decorate the place with drawings, join Kathy for tea and even snap a picture inside.

4. The Illumaphonium, September 29 at 12noon, Lower Gardens

The very first of its kind, a dynamic, interactive, multi-sensory, music-producing installation from the creative mind of musician and inventor, Michael Davis. Consisting of more than a hundred illuminated chime bars, each of which are responsive to touch with changing patterns of light and sound.

5. The MOMENT – Richard Ramchurn, September 29-30 from 12noon.

Working with Brain Computer Interface technology, members of the audience are invited to interact with the film using a bluetooth headset, with each viewing producing a unique experiential narrative, based on the viewer’s attention. The artist uses this technology to pose questions about what this means for our futures, provoking audiences to actively engage in the conversation. Sign-up on the day at the event.

6. Soapbox Science, September 29 at 2pm, town square.

Soapbox Science gathers together remarkable women in science to amaze you with their latest discoveries, and to answer the science questions you’ve been burning to ask.

7. Our Dancing Shadows by Kaleider, September 29-30 from 8.30pm in Lower Gardens.

Choose to be a witness or be a dancer. By choosing dancer, you will fearlessly take to the stage wearing a VR headset. By choosing Witness, you will sit back and watch as the dancers create a performance for you. Sign up on the day at the event.